Marketing Reset/Refresh Challenge

Black woman using laptop at desk

In the summer, everyone is taking a break from work, but you don’t have to. The summer is a great time to build your business and maximize your reach. You can make sure your business doesn’t slow down by refreshing your marketing and resetting your goals. ¬†Whether you have an ecommerce site, a blog, social media accounts, or any other kind of online presence, we are challenging you to optimize your online presence. For the next 7 days, we will be providing daily challenges. This is the perfect opportunity to refresh your marketing and reset your goals. It’s time to take steps to improve your website and social media.

Join the Challenge

The challenge is completely free to join. To access the content, simply create a free account on the Black Lady Business School member portal. Then join us on Instagram to check-in and share your progress. Our experts will be answering your questions online and helping you along the way.